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12 Months of Fluro Photos

Fluro is a central place for growing photography teams to upload, tag and share their photos. With Fluro Photos, you can: Put an end to rogue Dropbox links. Grow your photo team beyond yourself. And make it easy to upload, tag, and search your entire photo library.

TriLens™ Lens Holder

Carry all of your favorite lenses, right on your hip.

We were frustrated by the fact that many of us have a collection of beautiful lenses, all with their own unique look and purpose. But in the heat of the moment there's no time to fiddle around with lens caps and bulky bags. By carefully studying the workflow of professional photographers we designed a product that eliminates the need for multiple camera bodies, assistants and camera bags. This is the TriLens™.

Nikon, Canon, or Sony mount.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap

This single sling camera strap is great for all uses and all types of cameras, especially SLR and DSLR. It holds tight on the shoulder with its included underarm stabilizer, and is good for most any type of photo shoot, amateur or pros alike. Always by your side and ready for any moment, once you try it you'll never look back. It’s that good.

SundayU Premium Membership

Score an all-access pass to SundayU's video library, resource library, and certification courses. You'll also get two free coaching sessions per year, exclusive members only webinars, and premium resources delivered monthly, including social media images, sermon series kits, customized monthly planners & more. One year subscription included in prize pack.

Church Photographers Pro Subscription

Get one year of Church Photographers Pro, including our full library of training courses. Team leaders get access to our How to Lead a Photography Team course, plus a suite of church photography training courses for your entire volunteer team. Courses launch in January 2020. $499 value.